The Kombi Story

The Kombi started its life around 1987, in Clarkesville, Georgia, as Theodore Fugel, the creator, had a worn out shovel.  Theodore didn't want to throw the shovel away, so with his expertise in metallurgy, started to carve and cut away the "bad" areas of the shovel.  He began to use the tool in the garden, and found many new uses for the once worn out shovel.  Friends and neighbors that would visit would see the tool, and asked Theodore to make one for them, as the tool worked so well.  Theodore decided to start producing the tools for sale to the public around 1994.  Theodore passed away in 1996, and the business was carried on by his son, Richard, and grandson, Richard Lee Fugel.  The tools are still produced in the same location and building that Theodore created the first one in, although production methods have changed over time.  The business is still an American, family owned and operated business.  On behalf of Richard and Richard Lee, we would like to thank you for your continued support of our product line.

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